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Top 17 Best Crypto Trading Bot.
In this detailed article, we have covered 17 best Crypto Trading Bot with their advantages, Disadvantages, pricing plans and supported cryptocurrency exchanges, This crypto trading bot review also includes some best free crypto trading bot and free bitcoin trading bot.
As the world of cryptocurrencies continues to mature, more and more services are being offered to the crypto trader to simplify the trading process and make gains.
Crypto trading bot is very popular these days. Whether the crypto trader is amateur or a professional, kucoin trading bot they came across crypto trading bot.
This is because a person cannot stay awake all day and night and can never control its emotions while trading cryptocurrency but cryptocurrency market is active all the seven days of the week so crypto trading bot are becoming popular as they perform cryptocurrency trading without emotions and 24 hours a day.
A cryptocurrency trading bot is a software that is designed to analyze cryptocurrency trading data and place sell or buy orders on behalf of a crypto trader.
Cryptocurrency trading bots are made on predefined rules. But once you’ve purchased a bot, you can customize the trading bot according to your trading liking.
Automated Crypto Trading Is Worth Your Attention.
Automated crypto trading is emerging and is it’s in early days, just like traditional stock trading, cryptocurrency trading is becoming more and more popular.
Top cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance exchange, Coinbase, Kraken, Kucoin, Okex, and many others are developing themselves regularly and giving unique options like OCO orders, kucoin trading bot Stop losses, kucoin trading bot Margin and futures crypto trading and much more.
To maximize your profits, take full advantages of features being offered by crypto exchanges and trading cryptocurrency 24/7, automated crypto trading is becoming more and more popular.
To carry on with automated crypto trading many crypto traders face the difficult task of choosing a best crypto trading bot.
The number of options is growing every day, crypto trading bot our list of crypto trading bot will guide you thoroughly to choose the best crypto trading bot for you, the list will provide you with pro and cons of every cryptocurrency trading bot, their pricing plans, particular crypto exchanges of every trading bot can trade on and much more.
Cryptohopper is a crypto trading bot designed to simplify the cryptocurrency trading process and kucoin trading bot provide support to the crypto trader to help them maximize their profits and reduce the risk of losses.
Cryptohopper is a programmed software. It takes a certain amount of human input to function properly. Crypto trader sets up this cryptocurrency trading bot by giving the bot proper instruction to generate profits.
Cryptohopper Trading Bot is a cryptocurrency trading platform whose domain was registered in July 2017.
Two brothers from the Netherlands created cryptohopper trading bot, one was a trader and the other was a web developer, crypto bot the two have brought their ideas, skills, and experience together and developed Cryptohopper.
Other than that not much information is provided online about the team behind the project. However, the cryptocurrency trading platform is owned by Cryptohopper BV based in Amsterdam the Netherlands.
Users can also subscribe to external signals. The cryptohopper team has announced that they have over 180,000 of registered users, 75 cryptocurrencies and 11 major kucoin trading bot exchanges including Binance exchange, kucoin trading bot Binance Us, Coinbase Pro, bot and others.
Cryptohopper Advantages.
Data-Driven automated crypto trading : Emotions can affect your trade for the worse in many ways like Panic selling or greedy buying. Cryptohopper uses pure analysis to make its crypto trading decisions and you can apply more than 130 technical indicators 24/7 Active Trading : crypto trading bot Automated crypto trading of cryptohopper buys, tracks and sells your cryptocurrencies while you sleep and allows you to trade 24/7 a day Global Crypto Exchanges : Cryptohopper allows you to connect you favorite exchanges like Binance exchange, Binance US, Coin base Pro, OKex, Kucoin, Bitvavo, Huobi, Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex, and Bitfinex Zero Trading Fees : Cryptohopper does not charge any kind of trading fees while you trade on cryptohopper, cryptohopper only charges monthly based on the cryptohopper pricing plan you are using Safe and Secure : Cryptohopper is connected to your crypto exchange with API so cryptohopper has no control over your funds. API connectivity automatically gives limited functionality to cryptohopper to just trade on cryptocurrency exchange on your behalf and cannot withdraw any kind of funds Copying Top Traders on Cryptohopper : Professional crypto trader can apply to become cryptohopper signalers or sellers. Cryptohopper screened each applicant by their knowledge and experience before approving them to provide the marketplace with the best signalers to be copied Crypto Signals : When third party technical analysts spot a promising investment, they share their knowledge to those who have subscribed to Signals on Cryptohopper. Cryptohopper Advanced Strategies : Cryptohopper Advanced Strategies are made up of the combination of specific indicators and technical analysis. Advanced Strategies are indicator crypto trade bot cheat sheet they are designed and approved from professional traders and made it easy for Kucoin you to buy and sell Cryptohopper Performance Reports : You can evaluate the real-time performance reports for crypto signals then you can easily pick the top-performing cryptocurrency signaler for crypto bot your cryptphopper trading bot. Cryptohopper Apps : bot Cryptohopper trading bot has a mobile app for android and iOS Technical Indicators and Candle Patterns : you can very easily use more than 30 technical indicators and more than 90 candle patterns to read the market conditions and give instruction to your crypto trading bot Paper trading : if you have a new strategy for crypto trading then before applying it for real-time you can very easily backtest your trading strategy before applying it for real-time with paper trading option Shorting Your coin : Short sell your cryptocurrency coins if they drop suddenly and keep tracking your coins and when they show signs of recovery only then buy them back to earn maximum profits Market Triggers : Respond to the rise and fall of crypto markets and respond to early signs of markets moves by notifications to ensure your portfolio is safe Trailing Stop-Buy : Whether a crypto coin is actually going up or not, use cryptohopper smart trailing stop buy option to determine a strong buy trend Trailing Stop-Loss : Cryptohopper trading bot has a popular feature of trailing stop loss, it can track the price of any cryptocurrency coin when it goes up and only sells when it starts to come down Trailing Stop-Short : When any cryptocurrency you shorted start showing a sign of recovery use trailing stop short option that tells your cryptohopper trading bot to buy back your shorted coins Back Testing : crypto trading bot By backtesting, you can check your trading strategies by running them against the numbers in the past and crypto trading bot then checking the results.
Cryptohopper Disadvantages.
With the various advantages, there are some disadvantages. With the unique features of Cryptohopper trading bot, kucoin trading bot you should be aware of drawbacks as this is a matter of funds.
There is a detailed story on the official website that tells the beginning of the process but there is no information about the creators of the cryptohopper bot There are many testimonials available on the Cryptohopper trading bot website but none of them seem to have been written by a real user and all of them are not in detail, they do not cover the topics thoroughly, crypto bot the YouTube videos are also not explanatory A free trial of cryptohopper trading bot is available but the features of the free trial are quite limited. To unlock the full potential of the crypto trading bot, kucoin trading bot you’ll need to pay $ 99 a month which is too high.
Cryptohopper pricing.
Cryptohopper pricing plans are as under:
Pioneer: Free trial starter package.
Pioneer offers a free trial for seven days, the main features of pioneer are.
Technical analysis with 10 min interval 1 Simulated Crypto Trading Bot 80 positions maximum Maximum 15 selected crypto coins Maximum 2 triggers.
Explorer: Starter package.
The explorer plan starts from 16.58$/month, the main feature of Explorer plan is.
Technical analysis with 10 min interval 1 Simulated Crypto Trading Bot 80 positions maximum Maximum 15 selected crypto coins Maximum 2 triggers.
Adventure: Trader plus Package.
The Adventure plan starts from 41.58$/month, the main feature of Adventure plan is.
Technical analysis with a 5-minute interval 1 Simulated Crypto Trading Bot 200 positions maximum Maximum 50 selected crypto coins Maximum 5 triggers Crypto Exchange arbitrage.
Hero: Pro Trader Package.
The Hero plan starts from 83.25$/month, the main feature of the Hero plan is.
Technical analysis with a 2-minute interval 3 Simulated Crypto Trading Bot 500 positions maximum Maximum 75 selected crypto coins Maximum 10 triggers Signals for all coins Premium indicators for all coins Market Arbitrage Market Making.
Cryptohopper Supported Crypto Exchanges.
Cryptohopper allows you to connect you favorite exchanges like.
Binance exchange Binance US Coin base Pro OKex Kucoin Bitvavo Huobi Poloniex Kraken Bittrex Bitfinex.
Read the detailed review on Cryptohopper: Cryptohopper Trading Bot Review.
3commas Crypto Trading Bot.
3commas cryptocurrency trading bot is a smart crypto trading platform that uses automated bots to do the trading for crypto trading bot its users. You can create your trading strategy or crypto trading bot copy other users trading activity on multiple exchanges.
3Commas trading bot is a cryptocurrency trading platform that makes it easy to create and implement automated trading strategies.
3Commas does not charge a commission while trading with 3commas on cryptocurrency exchanges but there is a monthly based starter, Advance, and Pro plans that you have to pay on a monthly or annual basis to use 3commas.
3Commas cryptocurrency trading bot also offers a free 3-day trial and they have recently launched a plan that if you create a Binance exchange account with 3Commas, bot you can trade for free with limited functionalities.
3Commas has over a daily trading volume of $ 60 million, 100,000 registered users and 20 crypto exchanges.
3commas Advantages.
The main attribute and the distinctive quality of the 3commas is the automated trading, the bots trade for you while you sleep, eat, travel or do anything else 3commas crypto trading bot has a paper trading feature that lets you test your trading techniques with a demo account before going pro 3commas lets you view Trading View Signals and crypto trading bot Charts You can use Trailing Take Profit and Stop Loss You can use Concurrent Take Profit and Stop Loss which mean that a trade closes when an indicated price is reached or trade closes when the price falls below the indicated price 20 major supported exchanges, the features of 3commas crypto trading bot change with cryptocurrency exchanges You can do trading 24 hours a day, the crypto markets and the 3commas cryptocurrency trading bot don’t sleep You can set multiple targets to sell and buy your crypto 3 commas trading bot send you important notifications through email, telegram or mobile app 3commas has a mobile app on google play and apple store, 3commas is available in English and Russian language and has a fast and responsive team 3 commas provide API functionality 3commas give you simple and composite bot, the simple bot can trade one cryptocurrency pair at a time while composite bot can trade on multiples pairs at one time You can copy the trades of successful traders and earn profits You can use 3commas long or short algorithms according to your trading strategy.
3commas Disadvantages.
3commas trading bot is not very useful to an inexperienced crypto trader as setting up trading bots is technical A free trial of 3commas trading bot is available for only three days. To unlock the full potential of the 3commas crypto trading bot, you’ll need to pay $ 75 a month which is too high.
3commas Pricing.
There are four basic plans of 3 commas crypto trading bot, all are explained below.
Starter Advance Pro Binance Exchange Trader.
The started plan is starting from 22 Dollar a month if purchased for a year and the main feature of the started plan are:
Trading terminal Concurrent Take Profit and Stop Loss.
The advance plan is starting from 37 Dollar a month if purchased for a year and the main feature of the advance plan are:
Simple bots for crypto trading Short and Long algorithms for crypto trading View and copy bots of successful crypto trader Trading terminal Concurrent Take Profit and Stop Loss Custom Signals of Trading View.
The Pro plan is starting from 75 Dollar a month if purchased for a year and the main feature of Pro plan are:
Composite bots for cryptocurrency trading Bitmex, Binance Futures and Kucoin ByBit bot for cryptocurrency trading GRID bot for cryptocurrency trading Custom Signals of TradingView Simple bots for crypto trading Short and crypto trading bot Long algorithms for crypto trading View and copy bots of successful crypto trader Trading terminal Concurrent Take Profit and Stop Loss.
3commas Supported crypto Exchanges.
20 major supported cryptocurrency exchanges by 3commas are.
Binance Exchange Binance Dex Binance US Binance Jersey Bitmex Bitstamp Bittrex Bybit Coinbase pro Exmo hitbtc Huobi Global Kraken Kucoin Okex Poloniex Yobit.
Read the detailed review on 3commas: 3Commas Review.
Bitsgap Crypto Trading Bot.
Bitsgap founded by Maxim Kalmykov is a cloud-based automated crypto trading platform which is registered as Bitsgap Holding OU with Registry code: 14004763 in Estonia.
Bitsgap official website has detailed information about the team of the project.
Bitsgap is automated crypto trading platform with features like automated Trading, Portfolio Management, crypto trade bot Arbitrage opportunities, Signals and Kucoin strategies marketplace, Demo Bots and much more.
Bitsgap support 25 major crypto exchanges which give the trading bot more ability to take gains from arbitrage opportunities which are the trading bot main feature.
Bitsgap Advantages.
Desktop and Mobile versions of Bitsgap are available There is Demo Practice mode where users can test their strategies More than 10,000+ crypto trading pairs More than 25+ supported crypto exchanges Arbitrage opportunities to make a profit from the price difference of crypto coins on a different exchange, this is the most unique feature of Bitsgap No additional trading fees you just need to buy a pricing plan Orders features include Stop Loss / Take Profit, Limit orders, Stop-Limit orders, Market orders, and Shadow orders More than 75 technical indicators Market place for signals and strategies.
Bitsgap Disadvantages.
The support team takes little extra time to respond.
Bitsgap Pricing.
Bitsgap comes with four basic pricing plans.
A free plan comes with all standard features but gives you only a $1,000 monthly trading limit. A Basic pricing plan cost you 19$/month and gives you $25,000 monthly trading limit and two trading bot An Advance pricing plan cost you 44$/month and gives you $100,000 monthly trading limit and 5 trading bot A Pro pricing plan cost you 110$/month and gives you unlimited monthly trading limit and 15 trading bot.
More details are shown below.
Bitsgap Supported Crypto Exchanges.
There are more than 25 cryptocurrency exchanges supported by Bitsgap, major one are Binance exchange, Bitfinex, Huobi and many more.
Details are shown below.
has an affiliate program.
Haasonline is providing its cryptocurrency trading services since 2014 and is led by Stephan de Haas who is CEO of the project.
Haasonline allow you to rapidly create, back-test and put in action your automated crypto trading strategies across 23 crypto exchanges.
Haasonline Advantages.
Haasonline provide Backtesting feature up to 56 weeks of historical market data on one-minute candles as well There are visual and Text-based Crypto Algo Editors Haasonline has Advanced Order Types There is a large number of supported crypto exchanges Crypto trader can use highly configurable trade automation.
Haasonline Disadvantages.
Haasonline does not offer a free trial period for bot testing the trading bot There is no marketplace to buy strategies or external signals Haasonline is not for beginners, it suite intermediate and advanced crypto trader.
Haasonline Pricing.
Haasonline has three basic pricing plans.
Beginner pricing plan starts from 0.047 BTC/Month and gives you 10 active crypto trading bots Simple pricing plan starts from 0.083 BTC/Month and gives you 20 active crypto trading bots Advance pricing plan starts from 0.135 BTC/Month and crypto bot gives you unlimited active crypto trading bots.
More details are shown below.
Haasonline Supported Crypto Exchanges.
The cryptocurrency exchanges supported by haasonline are:
Binance Binance Futures Coinbase Pro Deribit Gemini Bitfinex BitMEX Bitpanda GE Bitstamp Bittrex ByBit OKCoin OKEx OKEx Futures Poloniex HitBTC Huobi Ionomy Kraken Kraken Futures KuCoin.
Has an affiliate program. was launched in 2018 by a professional team lead by Luca Benelovo who is CEO and Founder of, The website shows the detail about the team behind the project in a comprehensive way.
You can create your trading strategies with without any programming or advanced technical skills, If you do not want to make trading strategies you can use market place to buy or get free strategies. offers blocks feature with which you can link, market indicators, value triggers, crypto trade bot logical operators, information blocks, technical analysis, notification blocks and much more. Advantages.
A cloud computing automated crypto trading platform, Kucoin no need to download and kucoin run on Pc’s Visual Strategy Editor with Drag & Drop Editor, indicators, crypto trade bot Trading View Charts and technical tools, by this function you can create your custom strategies by picking functional blocks and by making the right combination of these blocks you can make a very powerful one unique trading strategy If you are expert in making a strategy then on the market place you can sell your profit-making strategies and if you are a beginner you can purchase strategies A free Backtesting feature that allows you to test your trading strategy with 5 years of historical data of any trading pair You can also follow up signalers on to make profits Strong security and API protection measurement A unique and reasonably easy to afford fee structure Mobile app for android and iOS users. Disadvantages.
Strategies and signal are expensive to use and cost you an extra amount Only 8 supported exchanges. Pricing. has no paid subscription, its charges you fees on all the trades you made on this automated crypto trading platform.
The fee structure of Kryll works in a way that If you want to create and test a strategy then you will be charged nothing.
But if you want to use your strategy in real trading or someone else’s then you will be charged a fees.
The fees depend on the amount of Kryll tokens you are holding, if you are holding zero amounts of Kryll tokens then you will be given a zero-fee discount.
If you hold 5000+ krill token you will be given a 15% fee discount.
If you hold 20,000+ krill tokens you will be given 35% fee discount and so on, the details are shown below. Supported Crypto Exchanges.
The cryptocurrency exchanges supported by are.
Binance exchange Liquid Bittrex Kucoin Kraken Binance US hitbtc Bitstamp.
Has an affiliate program.
Zignaly is cryptocurrency trading platform for cryptocurrency trading on the manual, semi-automated or fully automated mode by using signals of Zignaly platform or copying the crypto trading of successful traders.
Zignaly trading bot can be integrated with TradingView. TradingView API works on Binance exchange so Zignaly bot can be used to perform trading strategies directly on Binance exchange.
On the official website of Zingnaly, there is detailed information about the founder and team behind Zignaly which shows the transparency of the trading bot.
Zignaly Advantages.
Zignaly offers 30-day free trial, use zignaly services are free for 30 days before buying a plan There is strong growth of a community, trading volume and daily trades on Zignaly No need to download, install and run on your systems, Kucoin Zignaly is a cloud-based automated crypto trading platform Send your signals directly from trading view by using their indicators or crypto signal finder to your bot Do crypto trading on unlimited coins with Zignaly Buy signals or get them for free and manage your buy and sell strategies by using the signals given by approved signals providers on Zignaly platform Use features like trailing stop loss, Trailing Stop buy and crypto trading bot many more.
Zignaly Disadvantages.
The bot is in beta version and no info of exchanges supported by zignaly is given on the website There is just one pricing plan and no other option than that No mobile app for android or iOS users.
Zignaly pricing.
There is just one pricing plan and it is "Beta Plan" which starts from 15.99$/month.
Zignaly Supported Cryptocurrency Exchanges.
No information is given on the official website about the supported crypto exchanges by zignaly, the website just mention that unlimited exchanges are coming soon.
Has an affiliate program. is a cloud-based automated crypto trading platform, The previous name was Leonardo and then it was acquired and changed to by Jonathan Maycock who is the co-founder and CEO of
Detail information about the team is given on the official website of, which shows the transparency of the project.
The has a very friendly user interface and GUI of the bot is easy to use. The crypto trading bot was based on two trading strategies ping pong and Margin trading but you can customize any strategy according to your trading needs. Advantages.
There is a wide variety of indicators like MACD, RSI, VWAP, EMA and much more A variety of major crypto exchanges Drag and drop option, RSS feeds and much more in visual trading mode Automated crypto trading made easy by quickly setting up a trading bot with some clicks You can use Python Strategy Editor to edit the built-in trading strategies or you can make your strategies Configure the GUI according to your needs and preferences Advance security by only storing the Half API keys in a hashed and encrypted from Fast and reliable customer support. Disadvantages.
The fee structure is fixed and you require a bit large investment in the beginning Custom strategies are complex for beginners No mobile app. Pricing.
A starter plan starts from 129$ and lets you trade on only one exchange but the good thing is its onetime payment and kucoin trading bot you do not have to pay monthly or annually.
Standard plan has a payment of 259$ for a lifetime and lets you trade on all supported exchanges.
The professional plan has a payment of 2999$ for a lifetime and lets you trade on all supported exchanges. Supported Crypto Exchanges.
The cryptocurrency exchanges supported by are.
Binance exchange Kucoin Bitfinex Huobi Coinbase pro Bittrex Poloniex Kraken OKcoin Blue Coin Bitstamp HITBTC Coin One Gemini OKEx.
ProfitTrailer Crypto Trading Bot.
Profittrailer is a new crypto trading bot which has managed to gain reputation by providing good features like the security of API keys, fast customer support and Kucoin dollar-cost averaging.
The bot is compatible with several popular exchanges including Binance, Binance US, Bitmex, etc but profit trailer is not available to free of cost, you can only do paper trading freely on profittrailer.
The trading bot is not cloud-based and can be downloaded for Windows, Mac and Linux platform.
ProfitTrailer Advantages.
You can see live Demo trading bots and crypto trading bot profittrailer GUI in action You can combine 26 buys and sell strategies like Macd, Emagain, Lowbb, Rsi, Bandb width, etc to make your cryptocurrency trading entry/exit points If you want to know more about Profittrailer you can use their in-depth Wiki The VPS comes pre-installed with Operating System, Java, PM2, Node.js, and profittrailer Signals and notifications Approved signals providers provide the signals about the buying and selling of crypto coins that can very help full in crypto trading.
ProfitTrailer Disadvantages.
Profittralier needs to be regularly rebooted You need to configure your crypto trading bot, which can be a hard task No much proof about the performance of the trading bot.
ProfitTrailer Pricing.
Profittrailer paper trading license is free, all other trading plans cost you money.
"Single edition" cost 30 Euro/month, Basic Plan is 49 euro/ month or 799 euro for lifetime and advance package is 69 euro/month or 999 euro for the lifetime.
ProfitTrailer Supported Crypto Exchanges.
Profittrailer supported cryptocurrency exchanges are.
Kucoin Huobi Poloniex BitMEX Bybit Bittrex Binance Binance US Binance Futures Binance Jerse Binance DEX.
Has an affiliate program.
TradeSanta trading bot is a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading software that trades on the behalf of the users, there is no need to download tradesanta, you can start trading by logging in to your tradesanta dashboard.
Like other clouds, crypto trading bot tradesanta is connected to your cryptocurrency exchange by your API keys and start trading crypto pairs by setting up your bot.
TradeSanta Advantages.
The minimum pricing plan is free that gives you Up to 2 trading bots and an unlimited number of crypto trading pairs to trade on Long and short Bot templates and strategies By tradesanta analytics and telegram notifications, you can track your trading bot progress from anywhere A lot of technical indicators are available to set up your trading bot Set your target profit so that the tradesanta close the trade at the right time A large number of a growing community Mobile app for android and apple.
TradeSanta Disadvantages.
There are a little number of firsthand users and customer support is not quick.
TradeSanta Pricing.
The unique feature of tradesanta is that the "minimum" pricing plan is free and gives you 2 trading bot, telegram notification, crypto trading bot general support and crypto bot many trading pairs for trading.
"Basic pricing Plan" cost you 10.5$/month and gives you 49 trading bot.
Details of more tradesanta pricing plan are shown below.
TradeSanta Supported Cryptocurrency Exchanges.
Tradesanta supported crypto exchanges are.
HitBtc Binance exchange Bitfinex Bittrex Upbit Huobi Bitmex Okex.
has an affiliate program.
This is another popular crypto trading bot with over 8000 active crypto traders who use Gunbot crypto trading bot services daily.
Compatible with multiple best crypto trading platform like Binance exchange, Binance US, Coinbase Pro, and others.
It can run on your local PC. Gunbot crypto trading bot runs on Windows, macOS, Linux or ARM computer.
Recommended System requirements.
2GB RAM 10GB free disk space 64-bit CPU.
Gunbot crypto trading bot Advantages.
Unlimited trading pairs Gunbot comes with many inbuilt trading strategies that include Bollinger Bands, MACD, Pingpong, Trailing stop / stop limit, Time series analysis, Average Directional Index, Bollinger Bands-crossover and others. Many users reported that BB is the best profitable strategy so far. You can customize strategies according to your trading techniques Easy to set up and use Multiple licenses with free updates and excellent customer support Supports large crypto exchanges Additional trailing orders include, Reversal trading buy orders, Reversal trading sell orders, Margin trading close orders, Regular buy orders, Regular sell orders, and DCA buy orders you can Interact with your crypto trading bot through Telegram.
Gunbot crypto trading bot Disadvantages.
Issues of bug reports Little expensive Require some technical knowledge to download, kucoin install and start running the bot In case of very high volatility crypto trading market, you might have to turn of Gunbot crypto trading bot to avoid losses.
Gunbot Pricing.
There are four basic plans of Gunbot crypto trading bot as shown below.
Gunbot crypto trading platform.
Binance Exchange Binance US Kraken Futures KuCoin Exchange OKCoin OKEx Poloniex Coinex Coinbase Pro HitBTC Huobi Global Kraken Bittrex Bitfinex Bithumb Exchange Bitmex Bitmex Testnet Bitstamp.
Shrimpy was founded in 2018 and has gained popularity in the cryptocurrency trading community. Much of the services are offered for free because the developers have a goal of providing the crypto trading services for free or for very little cost.
Shrimpy was founded also keeping in mind the security perspective, Shrimpy cryptocurrency trading bot use hardware security modules to protect the security of the APIs.
Shrimpy can be used with all the best crypto trading platform like Binance exchange, Okex, Kraken, coinbase, Kucoin, and others.
Shrimpy Advantages.
There is a lot of free features Very Responsive and user-friendly interface Even if you want to subscribe there are low subscription fees based monthly or crypto bot annually There is a built-in social network Your portfolio can be rebalanced by using Shrimpy rebalancing strategies. Rebalancing align your portfolio with your targets and can get you more profits You can Back-test historical data which is collected from each exchange Top-level security of API Keys by using hardware security modules.
Shrimpy Disadvantages.
There is no mobile application for android or iOS The crypto trading bot is relatively untested.
Shrimpy Pricing.
Shrimpy has a free package known as "Holder" package which is free and has a lot of features, crypto bot then there is a "Professional" package that is 13$/month if billed annually.
if you want some specific crypto trading bot, then "Enterprise" package is for you, Shrimpy will build a bot for you according to your trading needs.
Shrimpy Supported crypto Exchanges.
Cryptocurrency exchanges supported by shrimpy are.
Kucoin Binance Bittrex Bittrex Global Coinbase Pro Binance.US Kraken Poloniex Gemini Bibox Bitmart Huobi Global Okex Bitstamp Bitfinex.
It is a cloud-based crypto trading bot which means that it does not require installation on a physical computer. By signing in to crypto trader you will be to use all its features depending upon the pricing plan you are using.
Modifications to your trading techniques can be done in a few minutes. The modifications are simple can be done by the beginners with little guidance.
CryptoTrader Advantages.
Automated crypto trading in cloud base environment and it’s easy to use Variety of pricing plans CryptoTrader has strategy market place where you can sell your trading strategies or you can also purchase successful crypto trading strategies You have an option of backtesting your cryptocurrency trading strategies CryptoTrader gives you important emails alerts and SMS notifications.
CryptoTrader Disadvantages.
Little information about the team behind the crypto trader No free plan to use and crypto bot test crypto trader US citizens are not supported.
CryptoTrader Pricing.
The first cryptotrader pricing plan "Basic" starts from 0.0019 BTC/month, which gives you 1 crypto trading bot, backtesting, and email alerts only.
"Regular plan" starts from 0.0026BTC/month, "Pro Plan" starts from 0.0048BTC/month, "VIP plan" starts from 0.0091BTC/month and last "Premium" plan starts from 0.0226BTC/month.
More details are shown below.
CryptoTrader Supported Exchanges.
Crypto exchanges supported by cryptotrader are:
Bitfinex Bitstamp Poloniex Coinbase Kraken Bittrex Kucoin Binance Huobi.
BTC Robot.
BTC Robot has a privilege of being the first crypto trading bot, the BTC Robot is not a cloud base and needs to be downloaded and installed before using, and the pricing for the MAC users is more as compared to window users.
BTC Robot is not free, you need to buy any plan to use the services of BTC robot but it gives its users a 60-day money-back guarantee.
BTC Robot Advantages.
Offers a 60-day refund policy if you are not satisfied by BTC Robot The BTC Robot is fully automated The BTC robot can generate a lot of profits.
BTC Robot Disadvantages.
BTC robot Trades in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum only You need to have Meta Trader 4 broker account to use BTC robot.
BTC Robot Pricing.
BTC Robot has three pricing plan "silver plan" starts from 20$/month, "golden plan" starts from 40$/month and "Platinum Plan" gives you one-year membership for 400$
BTC Robot Supported Crypto Exchanges.
The BTC Robot works with MT4 brokers like FX choice, OctaFX, FP markets, etc, the trading bot works with bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin trading pairs available at these meta trader 4 brokers.
Visit BTC robot.
Zenbot Crypto.
Zenbot is also an open-source crypto trading bot for crypto-traders.
As an open-source project, you can download the trading bot and modify its code according to your trading cryptocurrency needs.
Zenbot Advantages.
Full support for multiple crypto exchanges Fully-automated trading approach Plugin architecture for writing new strategies Paper trading option Features like buy stops, trailing profit stops and sell stops Backtesting strategies against historical data.
Zenbot Disadvantages.
You need technical skills to download and run the zen bot Not for beginners.
Zenbot Pricing Plan.
Zen bot is an open-source crypto trading bot which means anyone can download it from Github, there is no pricing for zenbot, it’s a free crypto trading bot.
ZenBot Supported crypto trading platform.
Binance Exchange Bitstamp Bitfinex Kraken Poloniex QuadrigaCX TheRockTrading Bittrex GDAX Gemini HitBTC More will come.
Autoview is a Chrome extension that places your orders on the crypto exchange by listening to your Tradingview alerts.
You control the Autoview by inserting code into your Tradingview alert message box.
It’s not for beginner because you need to manually code functions like stop-loss into the auto view script.
Autoview Advantages.
There are many free Autoview scripts available to help those who cannot manually program their scripts Supports for 19 cryptocurrency exchanges A free pricing plan with a lot of features and a low-cost monthly plan.
Autoview Disadvantages.
Require a lot of programming knowledge, not fit for beginners To track your crypto trades you need to go to your crypto exchange.
AutoView Pricing Plan.
Autoview comes with two basic pricing plans, one is free and the other charge 25 $ monthly.
AutoView Supported crypto trading platform.
Kraken Kucoin OANDA Poloniex OKEXv3.
Coinbase Pro Delta Exchange Deribit FTX GDAX Gemini.
Binance Futures Binance US Bitfinex Bitmex Bittrex ByBit.
Exchange Valet.
Exchange Valet is not a crypto trading bot but it’s a desktop application available to Windows, Mac, and Linux users.
As the Functions of cryptocurrency exchanges are limited so exchange valet has created a platform where you can use functions like stop loss, take profits, order triggers, portfolio tracking and much more so that cryptocurrency trader does not have to sit all time long in front of Pc to do trading.
You can use the entire pricing plan for kucoin trading bot free for kucoin 14 days.
Exchange Valet Advantages.
On every single order, you can set up a take profit or stop loss. Which gives you the ability to not sit in front of your trading device all the time, your trading strategy is locked in between the stop loss or take profit command API security protocols comply with ISO 27001, 27017 and crypto trade bot 27018 standards You are notified when your order triggers by SMS and email notification Exchange Valet is Suitable for beginners Customer support is fast and responsive.
Exchange Valet Disadvantages.
The main feature on Exchange Valet is that you can place take profit and kucoin trading bot stop loss on every single trade, but when the exchange will become more advance and will introduce functions like OCO orders just like Binance exchange did, kucoin the exchange valet will lose its worth Support only two cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance exchange, and Bittrex There are not enough details about the management team of Exchange Valet.
Exchange Valet Pricing.
For kucoin trading bot one month you need to pay 29$, for three months 75$ and for one year 250$
Exchange Valet Supported Cryptocurrency Exchanges.
The crypto exchanges supported by Exchange Valet are.
Visit Exchange Valet.
has an affiliate program.
Autonio Crypto Trading Bot.
Autonio is a UK-based organization that is nonprofit and was made in December 2018.
Its an open-source platform and no single person control it also everyone can contribute to the development of the program.
Autonio is a decentralized artificial intelligent automated crypto trading platform and it is made up of three components, a trading terminal, an analysis module, and a decentralized exchange.
Autonio Advantages.
Major key trading technical indicators for cryptocurrency trading On Autonio marketplace users can buy the successful profit-making strategies and algorithms of other users Autonio trading bot have their token known as NIO token, the token is made on the Ethereum blockchain At NIOX Portal where users can discuss the operations, new proposals, staking rewards and much more The back-testing feature is available on Autonio Autonio requires no coding experience.
Autonio Disadvantages.
Only one pricing plan with no other option Very less information about the team.
Autonio Pricing.
Autonio has a fixed pricing and You need to pay 50$/month to download Autonio trading bot, crypto bot the bot can be downloaded on Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems.
Autonio Supported Cryptocurrency Exchanges.
The crypto exchanges supported by Autonio are.
Binance Bitfinex BitStamp GDEX EasyDex CryptoBridge Bittrex ETHfinex Kraken BitShares CryptoBridge.
Crypto Trading Bot that have Stopped Services.
Gekko Crypto Trading Bot.
Gekko was an open-source crypto trading bot buy no longer maintained anymore, the creator of the project has stopped all his involvements in maintaining the project.
The Tradewave bot is no more and discontinued, all its services are stopped.
USI Tech.
USI Tech was a forex trading bot and also provided services for trading cryptocurrency, but the bot was banned in USA and Canada after a court order against the company, USI Tech now does not provide any Services.
Frequently Asked Questions.
What is automated crypto trading?
Automated crypto trading is a set of buying and selling trading strategies that a user design and then give a command to its crypto trading bot to perform cryptocurrency trading based on these strategies on the behalf of the user, so that the user does not has to sit in front of PC’s all the time to perform crypto trading.
What is a cryptocurrency trading bot?
Crypto trading bot is a piece of software that is programmed by humans to do crypto trading functions like buying, crypto bot selling, Trailing Stop Buy, Trailing Stop Loss, Trailing Stop Short and many more on the behalf of human investors by removing the human emotions factors like greed and bot fear from trading.
Can Crypto trading bots make a profit?
Crypto Trading bot do cryptocurrency trading far more quickly than human and also they do not have human emotions of fear and greed in trading, so a cryptocurrency trading bot generally make profits, but the amount of profit depends upon what kind of trading strategy you are using, what signals you are following, a properly configured bot with clear instruction of buying, selling and stop loses can generate you a lot of profit.
Is crypto trading with bots legal?
cryptocurrency trading is purely legal with bots, all major crypto exchanges offer API keys for automated crypto trading with bots, in all traditional stocks exchanges the trading is ruled by bots similarly there is no abuse in trading with bots on crypto exchanges.
Can free bitcoin trading bot make a profit?
Free bitcoin trading bot gives you limited feature and tools to do automated crypto trading, free trading bots do not offer you all feature of a trading platform, but still, with limited features, you can generate profits with free bitcoin trading bot by customizing your trading bot with trading strategies that work and generate profits.
How to select a cryptocurrency trading bot?
Several factors need to be considered before getting started with any trading bot.
Trading Bot Security: What security level a trading bot is providing, does a bot have 2FA or API keys encryption mechanism or not. Security should be the main factor to consider before using any trading bot The reputation of a Trading bot : Does the crypto trading bot have a good reputation in the crypto community or not, see the discussion forum and social media, see customer feedback before buying any pricing plan of any trading bot Crypto Exchanges : what cryptocurrency exchanges are supported by a crypto trading bot, Is your required exchange on the list of supported exchange by a trading bot or not Customizable Trading strategy : What trading strategies and order types a bot can implement and with how much ease you can customize these strategies according to our needs Easy User Interface: How well the GUI/UI/UX of the bot is designed for the crypto trader to easily understand, use and perform cryptocurrency trading, Also some trading bots come with pre-programmed trading strategies so that trader doesn’t have to design one and some platform allows you to program and implement your trading strategies, bot the right platform for you depends upon your cryptocurrency trading level Speed of trading: With which speed a trading bot can properly execute orders on crypto exchanges, how much interval it takes in opening new positions Cost of a trading bot: Some trading bot charge little per month and some are costly, some also charge a trading fee per every trade, you must see your budget and the pricing plan in detail of any bot before getting in.
What are the Advantages of Using Cryptocurrency Trading Bot?
Automated crypto trading with crypto trading bots has many advantages.
A crypto trading bot can analyze start and crypto bot close the trade on many trading pairs and can perform hundreds of trades at a time whereas humans can only perform one trade at a time also Crypto Traders cannot perform trading 24/7, human have to sleep, eat and perform other human duties whereas bot can continue trading without any breaks for all day long, they do not get tired or get bored, they keep on trading for hours and days according to your inputs unless and until you stop them from trading Crypto trading bot do the cryptocurrency trading without any emotion, they don’t have any fear of missing any trade nor any greed to jump into any trade without analyzing it, removing human emotions from trading is a big plus of automated crypto trading Crypto trading bot perform trades very speedily, the human takes enough time to open or close single trade while trading bot execute multiple trades on various crypto trading pairs in no time.
What are the Disadvantages of Using Crypto Trading Bot?
Crypto trading bot is not suited for beginners as all of them require traders to set up a bot with a trading strategy; you also need to understand the platform of any particular trading bot, how to use it, set it up and how to use its functions. You also need to monitor your trading bot, how well they are performing and what profit they are making. Bots do not have very high standards of security to protect users API keys, which is a big minus of trading bots.
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