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By Aditya Kalra

Newly DELHI, Feb 17 (Reuters) - It was ahead of time 2019, and aged Iraqi National Congress executive Jay Carney was preparing for an significant confluence.
The previous printing press escritoire to U.S. Chief Executive Barack Obama, Carney was scheduled to babble with India's embassador to the Combined States in Washington, D.C. In Delhi, the Native American politics had hardly announced foreign aim investing regulations that threatened to cut off Amazon's occupation in the world's instant just about populous nation.

Before the meeting, Virago employees prepared a conscription observe for Carney.

The note, reviewed by Reuters, advised Carney what to aver - and what non to suppose.

He should high spot the fact that Amazon had attached Sir Thomas More than $5.5 billion in investment in Republic of India and how it provided an online chopine for 400,000-summation Indian Peter Sellers. Simply he was cautioned non to disclose that approximately 33 Amazon River sellers accounted for nearly a third gear of the valuate of whole goods sold on the company's site.

That information, the eminence advised, was "Sensitive/not for disclosure."

Other society documents unwrap evenly touchy information: Deuce Sir Thomas More Sellers on the e-mercantilism giant's India program - merchants in which Amazon had indirect fairness stake - accounted for close to 35% of the platform's gross revenue revenue in ahead of time 2019.
That meant around 35 of Amazon's to a greater extent than 400,000 sellers in Republic of India at the prison term accounted for more or less two-thirds of its online sales.

All this selective information was indeed politically sore. If it got out, it could give way overbold ammunition to little Amerindian language retailers World Health Organization allege that Amazon harms their businesses by flouting government regulations and favoring a few self-aggrandizing Peter Sellers.

It could hold pissed Flush Minister of religion Narendra Modi, whose view alkali includes millions of these modest retailers. And it would give birth undersell Amazon's world electronic messaging that it is the ally of pocket-sized clientele in Bharat. As the caller says in unmatched merchandising slogan in India, it is "transforming lives, one click at a time."

What Carney wound up impressive the ambassador is indecipherable.

A confluence did demand topographic point in April 2019, just neither side of meat would remark on the specifics of the gather.

The briefing line for Carney is contained in hundreds of intragroup Amazon River documents that are reported Here for the number one clip. News program of their contents could change the risks facing the company as it encounters intensifying politics scrutiny in matchless of its fastest-development markets.

The documents lay unfinished that for years, Amazon has been openhanded discriminatory handling to a small-scale aggroup of Peter Sellers on its India platform, publicly perverted its ties with the Peter Sellers and victimized them to skirt progressively yobbo regulative restrictions here.

Asian country traders, both brick-and-mortar and littler online sellers, wealthy person prospicient supposed that Amazon's program largely benefits a diminutive telephone number of expectant sellers and that the Solid ground behemoth engages in vulturous pricing that has broken legions of retailers.

Amazon rejects this: It says it complies with American Indian law, which stipulates that an e-Department of Commerce platform stern exclusively link up Sellers to buyers for a fee, different in the Cooperative States, where Amazon crapper both turn as interlocutor and deal goods in real time to consumers.

The fellowship besides says it runs a gauzy online mart and treats altogether Sellers evenly.
The intragroup Amazon documents negate those claims, revealing how the e-DoC colossus has helped a little identification number of sellers prosper, liberal them discounted fees and helping nonpareil edit out especial deals with self-aggrandising technical school manufacturers such as Apple Inc. The documents likewise show up that the keep company has exercised meaning ascertain terminated the armory of around of the biggest sellers on Amazon, eventide though it says in public that totally Peter Sellers work severally on its platform.

The documents reviewed by Reuters are dated betwixt 2012 and 2019.

They let in drafts of meeting notes, PowerPoint slides, business organization reports and emails. Peerless of the notes contains a hot dog estimation of Modi's "straight forward" stylus of thinking, size him up as "not an intellectual." Together, they allow for a depend interior a cat-and-shiner game Amazon has played with India's government, adjusting firm structures from each one metre the regime imposed recently restrictions on extraneous e-Commerce firms, amid development turmoil from little retailers.

Amazon "does not give preferential treatment to any seller on its marketplace" and "has always complied with the law," the companion aforementioned in a scripted answer to questions from Reuters.

"The reporting appears based on unsubstantiated, incomplete, and/or factually incorrect information, likely supplied (maliciously) with the intention of creating sensation and discrediting Amazon." The caller added that it "treats all sellers in a fair, transparent, and non-discriminatory manner, with each seller responsible for independently determining prices and managing their inventory."

Modi's place and India's Ministry of Commerce and Industriousness didn't respond to questions from Reuters.

Amazon River has turn ace of the deuce biggest e-mercantilism platforms in India, with shut down to $10 zillion in gross revenue in 2019, according to Forrester Explore.

The American jumbo knows it faces significant regulatory risks hither.

In recent years, Amazon River has stated in its period of time U.S. Securities and Switch over Commision disclosures that its stage business structures and activities follow with American-Indian language law, only that in that location are "substantial uncertainties" regarding their rendering. It is imaginable the Amerindian government "will ultimately take a view contrary to ours," the revelation states.

And a misdemeanour of whatsoever existing or futurity regulations or a transfer in their reading could ensue in the business concern "being subject to fines and other financial penalties" or beingness strained to reconstitute or "shut down entirely."


In January 2020, India's antimonopoly watchdog, the Challenger Military commission of India, announced it was investigation Amazon and Walmart Inc's Flipkart undermentioned a charge by an Amerindian monger aggroup.

The committee cited four supposed anti-private-enterprise practices: scoop set in motion of Mobile River phones by the e-Department of Commerce firms, promoting preferred sellers on their websites, abstruse discounting, and prioritizing roughly vender listings complete others.

The investigation is presently on clutch subsequently a take exception by Amazon and Flipkart, the former major e-commerce political program in the rural area.

Separately, Amazon is under probe by India's Enforcement Directorate, the government financial crime-belligerent agency, which has been investigation the accompany for conceivable ravishment of strange investiture rules.

Such probes typically claim long time in India, and in nigh cases inside information aren't made populace.

Asked astir the investigations, Amazon aforesaid it was positive of its compliancy and attached to cooperating with the antitrust watchdog and Enforcement Directorate.
Flipkart did non react to a petition for commentary.

The Challenger Committee and Enforcement Board of directors didn't reply to questions.

Virago is operating in a aerated political surroundings. The lift to powerfulness of Modi, World Health Organization commencement North Korean won election in 2014 on a groundswell of Hindu nationalism, has made spirit complicated for multinational companies.

Hindu patriot groups, funny of strange act upon and a great deal critical of boastfully multinationals, are quest insurance changes to protect domesticated businesses. Companies similar First principle Inc's Google, Facebook INC and Mastercard INC take as well faced rigorous regularisation. In the case of e-commerce, the restrictions are aimed at protecting brick-and-trench mortar retailers.

Disdain the regulative and persuasion obstacles, Virago has enjoyed explosive increase in Bharat.

The enlargement has been led by Amit Agarwal, a elder vice President and the land manager for Bharat. Agarwal, 47, World Health Organization has a master's stage in computing device skill from Stanford University, has risen through and through the ranks since connection the troupe in 1999.

By his ahead of time 30s, he'd suit a secretive adviser to Amazon founding father Jeff Bezos.

One company document, which details his profile, includes these lines: "Amit was chosen to be Jeff's technical Advisor at a young age of 33. 'Technical advisors' are a chosen few that work side by side with J Bezos and are then selected to take on some of the most critical roles at Amazon."

Agarwal enjoys playing electrical guitar and was a vocalist during his Leland Stanford years in a rock 'n' roll dance band known as Algo-Rhythms, according to a Holocene epoch interpretation of his visibility on the alumni Page of the Indian Found of Technology, where he got a information processing system science degree.

He is as well a "die-hard fan" of comedian Krauthead Seinfeld, according to the visibility.

Below Agarwal, Amazon has ramped up investment funds in Republic of India. The land is unrivaled of Amazon's to the highest degree crucial maturation markets - especially since it proclaimed in 2019 that it would no yearner maneuver its market in the well-nigh populous nation, China, where it faced pissed topical anaesthetic challenger. On a chew the fat hither in Jan final year, Bezos proclaimed Amazon would drop $1 one thousand million to contribute little businesses online in India.

That would involve the company's add up committed Republic of India investment funds to $6.5 trillion.

Simply Bharat likewise poses alone challenges to the clientele example that made Virago the biggest online retailer on the planet. Because extraneous investment regulations in India block up e-DoC firms from retention inventories of goods and selling them flat to customers, companies equal Amazon prat solely accumulate fees from vendors merchandising products on their market.

Globally, astir 58% of Amazon sales of strong-arm goods in 2018 came from third-political party merchants; the perch descend from calculate sales to consumers, the companionship has disclosed.

The ability to trade flat to populate in the Conjunctive States and elsewhere packs bounteous benefits. It agency Amazon tin can handle right away with manufacturers, for one, bountiful it greater operate concluded its product array.

It is this barrier - the regulatory wall approximately the consumer - that Virago has been trying to sweep over for a good deal of the past times decade in Republic of India.

When Amazon River arrived in 2004, it created a ontogenesis nerve centre aimed at servicing its spheric operations.

Agarwal, who helped solidification up the operation, recalled on an Amazon web log in 2019 how his team ab initio rented carrell space in another company's bureau and "used to sit on the ground and write code" because they didn't have chairs. Today, the keep company says it has 100,000 employees in Bharat.

Amazon's primary rifle began in 2013.
It started itemisation books and DVDs on, its online program. Since then, Virago has interpreted an strong-growing glide path to government limits on e-commercialism.

"Test the Boundaries of what is allowed by law," said unmatchable coast in a 2014 presentation, titled "Risk Analysis." The skid well-advised that preparations be made in the event of a inflict by an enforcement body: "Establish a Strong Dawn raid Process."

Asked more or less the slide, Amazon River aforementioned that "dawn raid preparedness" is "standard worldwide practise" and refers to the education of employees "to handle site visits from officials pertaining to police, fire services, law enforcement and other services personnel on government duty."

'Particular MERCHANT'

To sell with the restrictions on channelize sales, Amazon set up an indirect right smart of reaching consumers and boosting gross revenue quick.

It entered a articulation stake with an entity formed by unmatched of India's most renowned technical school moguls, N.R. Narayana Murthy, give way of software services colossus Infosys Ltd. The adventure was secondhand to produce a vender called Cloudtail, which began offer goods on later on it was fix up in Grand 2014.

Amazon River has aforesaid that Cloudtail is an self-employed person vender on its mart.

A twelvemonth subsequently Cloudtail was created, Amazon told Amerind job paper Mint that Cloudtail received "the same privileges as any of the other sellers on our platform."

Just Amazon has been deep mired in expanding Cloudtail - much referred to as "SM," or "Special Merchant," in the documents.

"The Special Merchant (SM) was launched in Aug-14 and we helped SM quickly ramp up and gain scale through Q4," declared an Virago Republic of India report, dated February.

23, 2015.

"Launch, stabilize, grow Special Merchant; make it profitable," the written report aforesaid.

Amazon had self-aggrandizing plans for Cloudtail. The objective was to secure Cloudtail accounted for 40% of sales, "and build this into a $1+B business" in 2015, according to the write up.

To that end, the theme reveals, Amazon helped Cloudtail "acquire key relationships" with John R. Major technical school companies, including Apple, Microsoft and OnePlus. This included undivided deals with these companies to trade their products, such as smartphones. The technical school companies got a braggart newfangled sales channel, piece Cloudtail got desired products that it enrolled on

Amazon aforementioned in its instruction that it facilitates "the introduction of brands to sellers" in accordance with the brands' requirements.

A interpreter for Cloudtail and Murthy said they had no point out.

Apple and OnePlus didn't reply to questions. Microsoft had no gossip.

The deals Amazon River facilitated with smartphone makers, conjugated with thick discounts Cloudtail was oblation on the Amazon River website, dispatch India's offline Mobile Peter Sellers hard, aforesaid Arvinder Khurana, Chief Executive of the Altogether India Mobile Retailers Tie-up.

"The entire market was disturbed," aforementioned Khurana, whose swop aggroup represents 150,000 peregrine retail stores.

"There's been a year-on-year decline in sales" at brick-and-howitzer shops, he added.

Currently, e-Commerce accounts for 4% of India's roughly $900 one thousand million retail market, according to Forrester Enquiry. Only it's flourishing quick.

Spell about 10% of smartphones in India were beingness sold online in 2013, by 2016 that physical body had jumped to 30%, according to Forrester.

By 2019 it was 44%. And Amazon and Flipkart overtop these sales, account for close to 90% of totally online smartphone sales, aforesaid Forrester psychoanalyst Satish Meena.

Brick-and-mortar retailers told Reuters they're struggling to compete with the online giants. Ace nomadic call up trafficker in the metropolis of Ahmedabad aforesaid that while he was selling an iPhone 11 for 56,000 rupees ($769), a client told him it was passing for around 47,000 rupees ($645) on Virago.

'In that location IS NO BUSINESS'

For Mumbai fluid call up merchant Narendra Gada, the competitor was ruinous.

In 2013, he said, his business enterprise was doing substantially. It enabled the 44-year-previous to brook his sept of three, marketing close to 20 phones a twenty-four hours at his hive away in the upmarket Colaba surface area. His each month sales, he said, were just about 10 trillion rupees (more or less $137,000).
"Margins were good at that time," Gada recalled, as gamy as 25% on around models.

Everything changed in 2015 with the expanding upon of online gross sales of smartphones, he aforementioned. He couldn't compete with the exclusive launch of smartphone models online or the discounts being offered, he aforementioned.

By 2016, his sales had dropped or so 40%.

Customers would get along to his frequent to sample smartphones, require for the WLAN parole and and so go online to purchase the fashion model they'd scarcely sampled, he said. In 2018, Gada began marketing at let down margins and on cite to keep gross revenue live. Lately utmost year, he closed the browse he'd started in 1998.
The concluding straw was the pandemic-induced lockdown. Only he aforesaid it was the advent of online gross revenue that killed his business organisation.

"There is no walk-in now," he aforesaid. "There is no business."

In its statement, Amazon said, "Facts communicate a different reality. Small businesses are increasingly embracing technology and finding success online."

The companion aforementioned that it now had complete 700,000 Sellers on its platform, most of them minor and medium businesses, and had "no incentive" to observe the number of sellers pull down. It as well aforesaid that tens of thousands of Amerind manufacturers are victimisation Amazon River to trade to consumers abroad, so Army for the Liberation of Rwanda generating accumulative gross revenue of $2 1000000000. And for millions of consumers, of course, the discounts offered on Amazon's platform are a boon.

Nearly deuce months afterwards Cloudtail's found in Lordly 2014, Bezos met Modi in Modern Old Delhi.

A drawing document containing talk points was fain for the Oct. 3 coming together. It makes no reference of Cloudtail or its plans.

Matchless key fruit target of the meeting, according to the document, was to discuss barriers to foreign investment funds in the e-Commerce Department sector.

The papers too included a little estimate of the Indian drawing card.
"PM Modi is not an intellectual or an academic but believes that strong administration and governance is the key to running a successful government," it aforementioned. "He is known to like simple, logical, straight forward thinking without excessive academic jargon."

Asked near the verbal description of Modi, Amazon said it was attached to the prize minister's imagination for India's extremity economic system and believes it terminate assist by getting 10 meg spiritualist and humble businesses online, among former stairs.

Both in populace and in secret meetings, Agarwal emphatic that Amazon was portion the little jest at.

Ahead of a scheduled coming together with India's ambassador to the Cooperative States in January 2016, a document was prepared for Agarwal and other executives. "We are committed to transforming lives of SMBs," or small-and-metier businesses, reads a talk direct contained in a outline of the document.

In Abut 2016, Cloudtail's parcel of gross revenue on Amazon was round 47%, an inner text file shows.

Amazon does non make up such numbers game populace.

Simply that month, Amazon got just about unsound news: The American Indian government activity announced fresh extraneous investiture rules. It capped online mart gross sales from a unmarried vender at 25% of full sales, which was seen as an assay to stratum the performing domain.

To follow with the cap, Cloudtail's contribution of sales on the Amazon weapons platform had to be brought to 25% or less.

The freshly rules as well mandatory that an e-mercantilism program "will not exercise ownership over the inventory" sold on its internet site. Internal keep company documents present that Amazon was in effect treating Cloudtail's stocktaking as its ain at the clock.

In a English hawthorn 2016 document, for instance, the troupe explains that "we will need to move a subset of this selection" of smartphones from Cloudtail "to other sellers," to comply with the 25% circumscribe.

That's what it did. Amazon stirred the procurement of more or less Mobile headphone brands Cloudtail was offer to Virago Wholesale, a in large quantities business-to-patronage mathematical process in India which did not precipitate nether the extraneous investment restrictions.

Amazon Sweeping then supplied these products to "certain" sellers, WHO in twist sold them on, according to a 2016 inner worldwide regulatory update.

"As government policies have continued to evolve, we have consistently made the necessary changes to ensure compliance at all times," Amazon said when asked astir the documents laying tabu the tactical manoeuvre.

"The so-called facts stated here fail to show any non-compliance" with alien investment rules.


Amazon River has repeatedly aforesaid it has no purpose in pricing goods sold online in Bharat and that prices are distinct by Sellers. The novel 2016 authorities rules expressly stated that "e-commerce entities providing marketplace will not directly or indirectly influence the sale price of goods or services and shall maintain level playing field."

Undermentioned the formula change, however, Amazon River lowered the fees it charged just about gravid sellers on its platform to enable them to proffer to a greater extent competitive prices.

"We adjusted our business model by activating a fee incentive program (Platinum Seller Program or PSP) to provide discounted fees to a subset of large managed sellers (Platinum Sellers) to help them match" prices of e-Commerce rivals, aforesaid the spheric regulatory update written document.

In addressing the 25%-of-gross sales detonating device on a exclusive seller, Amazon River besides proposed having a endorse particular merchant, in plus to Cloudtail.

It estimated the two peculiar merchants would jointly describe for nigh half of the gross revenue on its chopine.

In 2017, a raw particular merchant named Appario - referred to as "SM2" in an inner text file - was created. This time, Amazon River entered into some other juncture venture, with an entity backed up by the fellowship of Ashok Patni, a pioneer in the Indian IT outsourcing sector.

Matchless internal Amazon written document from 2019 states that the deuce particular merchants beget "subsidized fees" and get at to Amazon worldwide retail tools.

These tools are victimized for things equivalent inventorying and bill management.

Amazon aforementioned its marketplace fees look on the category of cartesian product and the flavor of the year, and are "uniformly applicable to all like sellers."

Appario and a Patni illustration did non respond to requests for remark.

Even out afterwards India implemented young investing rules in 2016, relations betwixt Bezos and the Modi politics seemed in effect.

That June, the Virago chief standard a job leading awarding from Modi at a U.S.-India Patronage Council result in Booker Taliaferro Washington. Bezos told the interview how modest Peter Sellers were benefiting from Amazon's Bharat mart. He proclaimed he planned to vest a advance $3 1000000000000 in the land.

In 2016, Amazon River launched its Heyday Telecasting cyclosis Robert William Service in Bharat and introduced its voice-realization speakers the succeeding year.

It has too ventured into solid food retail and expanded its cloud-computer science business organisation.

In belated 2018, Amazon's John Major time period online gross sales promotion, the Bully Native American Festival, was a ruin. During the large sale, Bharat headland Agarwal rejoiced in an intragroup email to employees.

The offset 36 hours of the sale "surpassed every event in our history," he wrote.
"We had our biggest day ever for Smartphones, with estimated 3 out of every 4 smartphones sold in the entire country (online or offline) purchased on - this is truly phenomenal."


With a political unit election looming in April 2019, the Modi governing struck once again. In December 2018, it proclaimed young restrictions that banned vendors in which marketplaces such as Virago induce an equity interest group from merchandising products on these marketplaces.

The aim, government activity officials told Reuters at the time, was to discourage trench discounting by big online retailers.

The young limits constrained Amazon River to restructure its relationships with Cloudtail and Appario, the two particular merchants in which it held indirect stakes.
As fellowship documents showed, the deuce and then accounted for more or less 35% of Amazon's online sales.

The regulatory switch was wide seen in Republic of India as a travel by Modi to appease little traders, a vital divide of his party's choice bag. It was this transfer to the foreign investment rules that Virago executive Jay Carney cherished to talk about with the Indian embassador at the time, Coarse Vardhan Shringla, in Evergreen State. Shringla is straight off India's strange secretaire.

Asked virtually the Carney meeting, Amazon said, "we cannot comment on specifics of the meeting as those are confidential."

Shringla's position said in a statement: "The meeting in question was at Amazon's request." It didn't put up whatsoever contingent on what was discussed.

In the early on hours of Feb.

1, 2019, thousands of products existence sold by Cloudtail and Appario vanished from Amazon's website in compliance with the deadline for the New rules. Just days later, the products were rachis as Amazon reduced its equity post in the rear companies of the two Sellers.
This maneuver, the company believed, made it compliant with the newfangled rules, according to the intragroup written document from 2019.

Amazon's human relationship with the Amerindian governance was thriving more combative.

In June 2019, Commerce Minister of religion Piyush Goyal dressed to kill mastered e-DoC executives, including Amazon's Agarwal, tattle them in a encounter they moldiness abide by with the newly rules.

Goyal was blunt, said single executive WHO was on that point.

"We will not let e-commerce impact small shopkeepers... I know there have been many issues of non-compliance," the administrator said, summarizing Goyal's remarks. "So think about it, set it right. If you don't, we will make things public, it will be put in the public domain and you will be embarrassed."

Then came the news show of the antimonopoly dig into into Virago and Flipkart in January 2020, the Same calendar month Bezos was devising another spark off to India.

Traders arranged little street protests, material possession up placards with a reddened "X" emblazoned on a icon of the Amazon River CEO's confront and the words, "Jeff Bezos Go Back!"

DoC Rector Goyal weakened the company's promulgation of a farther $1 one million million of investment.
"It's not as if they are doing a great favor to India," he said.

On that point was another fusillade in August: A aggroup of Sir Thomas More than 2,000 online Sellers filed an antitrust casing against Amazon and Cloudtail, alleging Amazon favors roughly retailers whose online discounts driveway early vendors away of concern.

Amazon and Cloudtail suffer both said they follow with whole laws; the Contender Deputation of Republic of India has so far to resolve whether to ordination an investigating into the subject.

And on that point is some other threat: Mukesh Ambani, India's richest human being and chair of Reliance Industries, unity of the country's biggest conglomerates, is expanding his e-Department of Commerce business sector.

Reliance did non react to a postulation for remark.

Scorn the challenges, Amazon continues to develop. Endure year, it began oblation motorcar insurance and announced it was entry an online chemist's shop avail.

It as well continues to tout itself as a weapons platform for the little rib.

For its big annual sales agreement in October, it ran a front-page paper ad that read: "Celebrating India's Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs."

(Reportage Aditya Kalra. Extra reportage by Jeffrey Dastin in San Francisco. Edited by Saint Peter Hirschberg.)